Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Dayton White Summary: in which a summer race heats up. Warnings: angst, lang… | P AL

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Dayton White Summary: in which a summer race heats up. Warnings: angst, lang…

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Dayton White Summary: in which a summer race heats up. Warnings: angst, language, smut (come marking, dirty talk, oral sex) If you are under 18 you should not be reading this. A wave of butterflies that bloom in Buckys belly. The din of the crowd that only seems to increase in decibels. The smell of hot rubber and engine oil. A tug at the collar of his shirt, heat rising steadily and despite how uncomfortable he might seem, theres nothing quite like the thrill that is race day. The hustle and bustle of the pits. Chaos he moves effortlessly through like a well choreographed dance. Of course, theres always the flutter of nerves but its never enough to stop Bucky. A true professional, well seasoned and adept, he runs through a list stored perfectly in his memory, not so much as one centimetre of the rally car left unchecked. From the tyres to the engine, precious minutes are devoted to ensuring the car is in perfect racing condition. And if it wasnt for the pride he bore for his job, some might say it had something to do with the man behind the wheel. Dayton White. NASCAR driver with many a race winning title to his name. A sharp jawline thats accentuated as he smiles for the cameras. Helmet clutched in the crook of his arm and its a perfect match to his red overalls, only the slightest hint of his carefully toned muscles offered. His chuckle rings through the air, sparking a scowl on Buckys face and it only darkens when Dayton approaches. “Hey, Barney,” grins Dayton, resting a hand on the roof of the car. “Hows it looking under the hood?” Bucky merely replies with a half-hearted glare. The animosity between them more imagined slights. An air of superiority on Daytons part met equally by Buckys own pride. A refusal to back down and its no surprise that tension rises rapidly. Heat that has little to do with the engine. No, its the little exchange between the two men. Words rough in tone and laced with a double meaning. Its never harsh. Never outrageous. The slightest hint of aggression and Dayton stops. Eyes closed and five exhales. A serene smile as he lowers his tone and its maddening. Cheeks flushed the same shade as the team colours, Bucky feels his skin prickle with rage as he follows Dayton through the garage assigned to them in the pits. “Listen, Barney- “ “Barnes.” “- Im really in a sweet spot for success, so shut your piehole and- “ A gruff noise rings through the air, a look of surprise etched on Daytons face as he finds his back pressed against the wall, Buckys hand fisted in the collar of his overalls. A moment that fizzles with electricity. Tension unbearable. Air thick and theres a slight tremor of arousal that ripples through Bucky. And its without thinking that he yanks Dayton forward, crashing their lips together in a bruising kiss. A little gasp of shock that Bucky swallows, and he all but relishes the dazed looked in Daytons eyes when he draws back. Hes panting, chest rising with every laboured breath. A slight movement, one where he leans forward as if chasing for more and he suddenly stops, cheeks flushing as he catches sight of Buckys smirk. And for once, theres no retort. No remark or quip. Rendered breathless, Dayton has little choice but to follow the harsh yank Bucky exerts. The summer air warm and sticky, theres a newfound confidence about Bucky as he forces Dayton to his knees and God, its intoxicating, the power he holds over him. The drivers eyes swelling in size as Bucky hastens to unzip his pants. A twitch of his cock as he takes it in his hand, stroking himself at an almost languid pace. A small whimper catches in Daytons throat. And Bucky hardens impossibly. “Thought you told me to shut my pie hole,” taunts Bucky, and hes met with a deathly glare. “Who knew all it would take was one little kiss? And now look at you, on your knees for me.“ Dayton says nothing. But theres a discernible flicker of his eyes, from Buckys face down to the hand he strokes himself with. The parting of his lips is almost subtle but Bucky notices it, and the groan that falls from his lips is all but feral. God, hes never felt such satisfaction at having a mouth around his cock. Daytons mouth wet and warm, his tongue swirling over the head of his cock and he throbs, thick locks of Daytons hair grasped between his fingers. “I think I prefer you like this, Dayton,” smirks Bucky, mind fogged with pleasure. “Your mouth stuffed with my cock. I dont have to hear any of your shit.” Bucky gasps, the feel of teeth scraping down his hard length. A triumphant glimmer in Daytons brilliant blue eyes but its short lived. Tears stream when the the tip of Buckys cock hits the back of his throat and he whimpers, the sound a shockwave that spikes Buckys arousal. An unholy cocktail of arousal and anger, coupled with the fear of being caught. Its inexplicably hot. The stark contrast of a dirtied mechanic and a dapper driver. Heat rolls down his spine as he loses himself in the sensation of Daytons mouth. As much hatred as lust fuels the way his tongue teases every vein and ridge. Hips chasing more, its when Dayton draws him in deep, head of his cock nudging the back of his throat once more that Bucky loses it. He cries out as heat rushes to his cock, spilling down Daytons throat in hot spurts. Pleasure rolls through him, deeply satisfying and its as his hips stutter that his cock slips free, a few drops smearing above Daytons lips and its enough to make Bucky want to come all over again. Even more so when he spots the noticeable erection that strains Daytons overalls. The call of his name, it breaks the spell. And Bucky offers a smirk, lowering himself until their lips meet, tongue darting out to lick Daytons clean. A mingling of their moans. “Dont ever tell me to shut my pie hole again.”

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